The 1/3rd

Allah Subhanahuwatala has afforded you an opportunity to earn ongoing rewards even after you are buried by allowing you to leave up to 1/3rd of your wealth to those who are not otherwise entitled to inherit from you under the Shari’ah. This can be a charitable organisation that’s doing great works to benefit Islam and humanity. Of course you don’t have to leave anything behind towards such a charity …

but the big question is should you or shouldn’t you?

We highly recommend that you do leave something behind in your Will to charity for we are sure that you could do with the extra good deeds when you meet Allah Subhanahuwatala on the day of reckoning.

So who should you leave something to?

Perhaps the question should be, who shouldn’t you leave something to? There are numerous Muslim charities out there, supporting Islam and the Muslims that could do with that extra contribution to help them grow. Here are some options for you to consider …

  Impact of your support What to mention in your Will
Support this project to help spread the study of the Qur’an and ensure that more people are connected to the words of Allah Subhanahuwatala. Tanzeel Incorporated
  Support this charity to give the gift of education to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it and make sustainable and long term improvements to the lives of poor families and communities in the same breath. Serendib Educational Foundation