Supporting the Qur’an

At Wasiyyah we are excited to support Tanzeel a project aimed at connecting Muslims back to the Qur’an. ALL PROFITS generated by the Islamic Wills we prepare are donated towards this project.

Donated funds will be invested in making the study of the Qur’an accessible to as many people as possible. To date, with Allah’s permission, Tanzeel has engaged 9 highly qualified Qur’an teachers from the remote villages of Egypt and is teaching approximately 180 students around the world.

By getting your Islamic Will through Wasiyyah, with Allah’s permission, you will be:

  1. supporting the growth of the online Qur’an classes that Tanzeel offers so that it is able to service thousands of students inshaAllah;
  2. facilitating the start-up of other Qur’an teaching initiatives designed to increase the accessibility of learning opportunities (including the placement of dedicated full time Qur’an teachers in various localities around the world);
  3. supporting poor communities in Egypt by allowing Tanzeel to engage many more Qur’an teachers and invest in the local infrastructure necessary to run the programs from such regions; and
  4. contributing towards the preservation of the Qur’an.

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